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About Morehouse Foods
Morehouse is one company that has stayed one step ahead of the competition in the past decade. Since we first began making mustard in 1898, we've remained focused and committed to making it better than our competitors. In recent years, we have created a number of new varieties to satisfy the creative desires of the 21st Century consumer.

We buy only the finest quality mustard seeds, which has to pass our rigid quality assurance inspection. Using custom manufactured equipment fine-tuned for precision production, combined with the perspective gained by years of experience, Morehouse has mastered it's craft.

With quality control checkpoints throughout the production line, our unique blend of herbs and spices is added to the freshly crushed mustard seeds, along with our special mix of vinegar. The distinctive Morehouse flavor is consistent in each variation or "specialty" spread, making it ideal for custom formulation and private label products aimed at a specific consumer group.

The Morehouse Canada facility produces a full line of mustard with a dominant position in the manufacture of Dijon. This plant is equipped to duplicate the Dijon mustards long considered unique to the Dijon region of France. The Dijon mustards are available for retail sizes, foodservice and bulk. Call us if you have interest in the finest Dijon produced in North America.

Manufacturing Facilities
We make our products with only the finest ingredients available, from carefully chosen suppliers that must pass our thorough inspection. Morehouse has mastered the craft of producing consistently high quality products. This is accomplished by using our expertise gained through years of experience supported by custom equipment specifically designed for condiment manufacturing. Our specially selected #1 grade mustard seed, combined with our unique blend of herbs and spices, constantly provides the finishing touches to the level of quality that has made Morehouse famous.

We operate manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, California and Montreal, Quebec. By doing this we can assure prompt delivery and meet each of our label group needs.

Whether it's our Dijon mustard or prepared horseradish, Morehouse brings exceptional quality to any dish.

Export Worldwide
Products under the Morehouse brand are shipped worldwide. We are sold in China, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Canada. Sales in Korea are restricted to an exclusive distributor. Contact customer service for export items and pricing.

Our History
Morehouse didn't achieve its expertise and position in the condiment industry overnight. It's been a long, successful journey that has spanned 100 years and four generations. The company's philosophy to "stick to what you know and strive to do it better than your competitors" seems to have worked well.

Early corporate headquarters 1898
Early corporate headquarters 1898
Corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant today
Corporate Headquarters and manufacturing plant today.

Even after years of steady growth in sales and distribution, Morehouse Foods has remained an independent and highly efficient corporation, ever-focused on their "niche" market of mustards and horseradish. In 2000, an affiliate, Morehouse Canada, was opened to greatly expand the distribution of the company's products throughout the world.

At the annual Napa Valley Mustard Festival, Morehouse Foods was the gold medal winner in the classic American Yellow mustard category, which represents the largest volume in the North America. In addition, Morehouse earned medals in the Deli/Brown mustard and flavored categories. The honor is a tribute to the ongoing excellence of our products.

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